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Elevator Design Plan View
Base Cabinet
Conveyor Section
Conveyor elevation

Hat Bracket Example

Valve Coupler  Example

Gear Assembly 3D  Example

3D Bowl  Example

3D Pipe Loop Drawing

3D Table

Synthesis New for 2016:

Double the productivity of your designers.
Synthesis consultants available to meet your automation needs. 
American.  Trained.  Experienced. Low cost. High ROI.
Experienced in: Awnings, beams, conveyors, concrete, trusses, hangars, hangers, loop diagrams, HVAC, sheet metal, shelving, windows, doors, overhead doors, cabinets, kitchens, counters, sinks, pole buildings, log cabins, stone work, elevators, shop drawings, submittal drawings, as built, valves, couplers, solid models,  etc.
Configure your solution:

New: Mobile based, automated CAD

Apple IoS, Android
Will you sell to 4 Billion mobile customers worldwide?

Mobile users await your application for custom  configuration, designs/CAD drawings. 
Host 3D design thin client mobile apps on your secure server.

Add mobile design to your business
Our Synthesis experts can create your mobile design app, quickly.

Disruptive Technology from your desktop to 4 Billion Mobile Users 
Price includes parametric drawing generator, Mobile interface, server software, support, upgrades.

Examples of instant, custom 3D Drawings with Synthesis R17 with a custom Custom 3D solid designs instantly from a mobile device.
4 Billion Mobile customers now with Instant 3D model capability.

Mac IOS and Android Versions available.  Developer's Version.  Call  us for free quote for Proof of Concept projects.


 Typical Example: Configuration of custom Oil Field Equipment.  Custom valve mounting bracket. ?>
Android interface. Custom 3D solid drawing in seconds.  Voice interface enter key values. ?>
Below are other examples of configured custom products made from Synthesis.

New for 2016:
Cell Phone Based / Mobile based CAD/Models
3D solid piping loop design applicationE ?>
HVAC Custom Unit / HVAC Coil Design
Overhead Door Designs
Elevator Submittal Drawings: Plan, Elevation, Machine Room, Overall Specs, Reaction calcs, Piping Instrument design

Synthesis automation is Proven at many F500 companies.  Since 1984.
Synthesis provides ".. jaw dropping productivity gains"  
Dr. Joel Orr - CAD Expert & Author
View sample  drawing configuration page.  F100 Company making touch screens.
Create your new AutoCAD drawings in seconds from your web browser or on your desktops.  
Free, instant, On line Examples here
Create entire sets of drawings in only seconds. Sales, Numerical Control or Production drawings.

Contact Information: Phone: 360-671-0417, sales, free quote

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Read user testimonials & profiles from successful owners of SYNTHESIS software.  Satisfied customers worldwide.

bulletAtlas Cylinder....Oregon
bulletBarron Industries....Alabama
bulletBently Nevada Corporation....Nevada
bulletBison Floors Limited....Great Britain
bulletBoeing Commercial Airplane Group....Washington State
bulletCanton Elevator, Inc....Ohio
bulletTexasco Elevators, Inc....Texas
bulletKoni bv of Holland....The Netherlands
bulletYork International....Pennsylvania

More magazine articles and product review headlines about SYNTHESIS.  Siemens, Bobrick, 3M, ThyssenKrupp, US Filter, Tacton, KONE, more...  2016

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