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Koni bv of Holland

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Shock Absorbers

December 1995

Koni bv of Holland is one of the world's best know manufacturer of shock absorbers, for both original car production and for the automotive aftermarket. It has a program of 2500 different types of shock absorbers, each one comprised of up to 40 parts.

Koni has learned that it has to act fast in preparing shock absorbers as new auto models are put on the market. Consumers want to install upgraded shocks as soon as they take delivery of a new car, and to meet this demand Koni must bring the new model into its design shop, study its geometry and then build and test a prototype.

Before installing SYNTHESIS, Koni engineers would begin a shock absorber design process by searching through parts list to see if any of the necessary components already existed. This used to take as much as one full day, with an error rate of 10 percent.

With SYNTHESIS the search is automated, takes less than half an hour and is completely accurate.

Also before SYNTHESIS, it usually took three hours to prepare an assembly drawing of a new design and calculations were done by hand. With SYNTHESIS, all calculations are handled automatically and a drawing is produced in as little as 20 minutes.

With the time savings and quality improvement Koni has gained from the use of SYNTHESIS, it has been able to improve upon what once was a six week lead time before the first set of shocks could be mounted on a new car. Now it takes one week.

"New car buyers are ready to buy aftermarket shocks on the day they take delivery of the automobile. Because of SYNTHESIS, we can get to market faster and be available to those buyers before our competition." - Harry Medenblick, Director of Research, Development & Engineering, Koni bv, Rotterdam, Holland.

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