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SYNTHESIS User Profiles

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Quotes, articles and product reviews about SYNTHESIS:

"...jaw dropping productivity gains.." Dr. Joel Orr CAE Magazine .

"SYNTHESIS represents Parametrics at its best." David Pitzer . CADALYST

"Highly Recommended" Allen Farnsworth CADALYST "CADENCE Performer Award."

"Applying Parametrics and AutoCAD in Engine Design," Keith D. Thompson, CADENCE, March 1988. SYNTHESIS' advantages for Eagle Engine Manufacturing: speed, savings, ease of experimentation and innovation.

"Auto Design Becomes a Reality," Tom Shelly, Eureka transfers technology. CAD in the U.K. advantages of SYNTHESIS Parametrics.

"Boeing 777 Taking off Faster with Parametrics," Michelle Greening, CAE Magazine. Atlas Cylinder uses SYNTHESIS to make Fatigue and Static Test actuators for Boeing 777 project.

"CAD Speeds Jorgensen's Conveyors," Machine and Tool Blue Book,  Jorgenson Conveyor cuts time from 2.5 hours down to 7 minutes with SYNTHESIS.

"Computer Aided Clothing Design for People with Special Needs", Karen J. Holloway, Report to RESNA Conference. Parametrics used to design clothes for people with physical disabilities and limitations.

"Creating 3D Models Through Parametrics," Michael Slinn, Cadence May 1988. Using SYNTHESIS for 3D; diagrams of methods.

"Designing by Spreadsheet", Mark Hagemeyer - Profile of Ogden Manufacturing Co; designs band heaters.

"Designing with ease through CAD/CAM," Converting Magazine, SYNTHESIS at San Diego Paper Box company.

"Evaluation Laboratory," Scott Lowe, Graphics Oct Favorable in depth review of SYNTHESIS.

"Faster Design with Parametric CAD," Computer Aided Engineering, Profile of Temtrol, manufacturer of commercial and industrial air handling units.

"Getting Boxes out Quicker with Parametrics," Don Stovicek, Automation  San Diego Paper Box creates flat patterns and samples for sales quickly with SYNTHESIS.

"High Accuracy Enclosures Available to Users through Automated Design," David F. Cutright, Electronic Manufacturing  Profile of Gamlet Inc. using SYNTHESIS to design electrical enclosures.

"Il data base disegna in AutoCAD," Marco Peruzzi, Mondo AutoCAD (Italian) Federal Mogul uses SYNTHESIS for bearing design in Milan.

"Inexpensive Knowledge Base Makes Drawings Fast," Chris Cummings, Machine Design . Miller Picking, HVAC Manufacturer cuts design/drafting time by 90% with SYNTHESIS for sheet metal application.

"Meeting Short R&D Deadlines," Harry Medenblik, CADENCE . Speeding up production with parametrics; Koni shock absorbers.

"MicroCADD: Pushing the Limits," Philip Di Vietro, Civil Engineering SYNTHESIS saves time for engineers; diagram of dam.

"Parametric CAD for Complex Designs," Manufacturing Systems, —Parametrics profile of Temtrol Inc. HVAC Manufacturer.

"Parametric CADD: Redoing Drawings," Mark Lauden Crosley, Architecture, Nov Issue —A review of some available software systems.

"Parametric Design Customization Provides Competitive Edge," AutoCAD Source Book .

"Parametric Design: SYNTHESIS' approach is still novel," Victor E. Wright, Design Management Nov Issue—Using the SpecSheet; SYNTHESIS' advantages over programming in AutoLISP.

"Parametric Design: The SYNTHESIS Approach," Victor Wright, CADENCE, December —SYNTHESIS' advantages over programming in AutoLISP.

"Parametrics Lift Elevator Design to New Heights," Michelle Greening, Elevator World . Canton Elevator reduces drawing/design time by 75% using SYNTHESIS.

"Parametrics and AutoCAD: Making Connections," Mary Graham West, CADENCE . General article about parametrics, how it works, what to look for in a parametrics program.

"Quad V8 Designed with Desktop CAD," Ronald Khol, Machine Design, —In-depth article on the Eagle racing engine.

"Software slashes drafting time," Ceramic Industry —SYNTHESIS saves time for a manufacturer of ceramic tools.

"Software Systems for Developing Interactive Computer Graphics Applications," Dennis G. Watson,  Paper presented at meeting of American Society of Agricultural Engineers.—A set of tools and techniques were synthesized for development of agricultural engineering applications.

"Stepping Out," Michelle Greening, CAD User December 1995. User profile of largest pre-cast concrete manufacturer in U.K. 95% increase in productivity.

"SYNTHESIS 3.0," Computer Graphics Today, . 4 Stars out of 5 product review of SYNTHESIS release 3.0.

"SYNTHESIS Inject Parametrics at Ropak Corporation," —Parametric design at a leading multinational manufacturer of plastic packaging.

"SYNTHESIS—reaching out into another dimension," CAD User —In-depth report on SYNTHESIS, SYNTHESIS in Europe.

"SYNTHESIS: un logiciel de parametrage," Siamak Mohtadi AutoCAD Magazine, Paris France. Review of features of SYNTHESIS .

"SYNTHESIS —First Looks," David Pitzer, CADALYST . "SYNTHESIS...it represents parametric design at its best." Review of SYNTHESIS .

"The Sting of the Hornet," Susan Teerds, CAD User Australasia March/April Issue. Hangar design for RAAF FA-18 Hornet jet fighters. In Australia.

"Triad Makes Custom Fit as Easy as Off The Rack," Wayne Turner, CADENCE June Issue. Review of numerical control application based on SYNTHESIS.

"Two Programs Can Be Better Than One," Wood & Wood products Sept Issue. Architectural Woodwork Corp uses SYNTHESIS to develop its own drafting and design system.

"Working Smarter," Sharon Machlis, Design News . SYNTHESIS as design automation tool.

Some other users:

SYNTHESIS used for the Biosphere space frame
3M Touch Screen Design
Siemens Waste Water Plants
ThyssenKrupp Elevators
York International HVAC Units
Lebannese University Classes
Orlando Airport Steel space frame
Structural steel hangars for timber connections
Allied Signal / NASA satellite tracking equipment
Box Design software
Numerous U.S. Conveyor Companies
Russian Architectural Housing design
Farm Pole Building Design
Electric Utility Truck body sheet metal design
Truck trailer design
Overhead Crane design
Concrete beam design
Window & Door design
Overhead door design
Cardboard box pattern design

Plus many more success stories not published in magazines. Give us a call, we probably have a happy user in your industry you might like to talk with about SYNTHESIS.