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"Custom is now standard:" - SYNTHESIS  creates a new custom, scaled, detailed elevator CAD drawing in seconds based on your specifications.  Plan, elevation, Bill of materials and other drawings can be generated automatically on line in seconds from the same data.

Save time, reduce costs, eliminate errors, generate change order drawings instantly.

SYNTHESIS automation is proven in elevator companies around the world.

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Web based Elevator Designer - detailed plan view of platform.
Preview of Plan drawing click here  

Please enter elevator values in decimal inches within range specified.

What is the Platform Width? [PW]:
Valid range = 72 to 84
Hoistway Width [AU]:
 Value = [PW] + 16
What is the Platform Depth? [BS]:
Valid range = 60 to 74
Hoistway Depth [BH]:
Value = [BS] + 10
Front Wall Thickness? [WTF]:
Valid range = 3.5 to 10, Default value = 8
Back Wall Thickness? [WTB]:
Valid range = 3.5 to 10, Default value = 8
Left Wall Thickness? [WTL]:
Valid range = 3.5 to 10, Default value = 8
Right Wall Thickness? [WTR]:
Valid range = 3.5 to 10, Default value = 8
Door Clear Opening Width in inches? [JJ]:
Valid range = 36 to ([PW]/2)
Hoistway Wall to Entrance - Left? [LE]:
Valid range = 11 to ([AU] - (11 + [JJ]))
Cab Inner Panel Thickness in inches? [IPT]:
Default value = 1
Platform Clear to Guide? [GC]:
Default value = 1.5
Left side Hoistway to Hall Station distance? [LHS]:
Default value = 6
Hydraulic Cylinder OD? [HJ_CYLOD]:
Default value = 8
Hydraulic Cylinder Wall Thickness? [HJ_CYLW]:
Default value = 0.25
Pump Unit length? [UW]: inches
Machine room width? [AM]:
Valid range = ([UW] + 18 + 6) to 240
Machine room depth? [BM]: inches
Machine room front wall thickness? [MRWTF]: inches
Machine room back wall thickness? [MRWTB]: inches
Machine room left wall thickness? [MRWTL]: inches
Machine room right wall thickness? [MRWTR]: inches
Electrical controller box depth? [CD]: inches
Electrical controller box distance from left wall? [CFW]: inches
Electrical controller box width? [CW]: inches
Pump Unit Width? [UD]: inches
Machine room left wall to door distance? [MRLD]: inches
Machine room door width? [MRDW]:
Valid range = [UD] + 2 to 42

Press Release

Automated Residential Elevator Sales drawings - on line.

Tim Paxton
October 20, 2016

Bellingham WA, Synthesis R17 Software creates instant AutoCAD drawings / PDF images of custom scaled an detailed Elevator drawings for residential elevator manufacturers.

From a web site or mobile phone, customers or sales people can enter key dimensions and have a custom, plan view
drawing of the platform and associated detail pages generated instantly.

The problem of sales drawing delays, errors, high costs and competitive advantage solved with a proven solution. Synthesis has been used at Mitsubishi Elevator, Canton Elevator, ThyssenKrupp Elevator, Kone Elevator, Residential Elevator Inc. and others.

An on line drawing sample design is available at: http://synthesiscompany.com/

About Synthesis Company:
Synthesis is a Bellingham based web configuration and automated drawing / document generating software company. Synthesis is committed to helping manufacturers create sales by solving the problem of time consuming, complex sales drawings. Instant sales drawings with accurate, standaridized information helps grow sales for companies.

For more information please visit: http://www.synthesiscompany.com

To learn more about automation of residential elevator drawings. please contact.
Tim Paxton
Sales Manager
Synthesis Company